3 Organization Hacks to Try | Mini-Storage Greenville, NC

Even if you have mini-storage in Greenville, NC set up to help you organize your home, there’s always more that can be done. As much as you try, sometimes it’s hard to figure out the best way to store all of your stuff. You don’t have to take a trip out to one of those organization stores or spend hours on Pinterest— you probably already own the solutions to your storage problems. Here are 3 home organization hacks you can use to organize your life.

1. Take Advantage of Those Wine Racks

When’s the last time you actually had eight bottles of wine just sitting around? You don’t have to let your wine rack sit idle, use it for benefits. It’s a great way to store towels, craft supplies and anything else that needs shelving.

2. Use Hanging Shoe Storage

Let’s get real, you don’t really use that hanging shoe storage. It’s just hanging in your closet. Don’t throw it away or put it in your mini-storage units for later, you can use it now. Use this amazing use of space to store cleaning supplies, water bottles, tupperware, and anything else you need. It will reduce clutter in you cabinets and make finding what you need easier.

3. Add Magnets to the Equation

Okay, so maybe you don’t already have magnetic strips in your house, but adding magnetic storage is a great and creative way to utilize space. You can buy magnetic strips to make old food containers into storage, add magnets to toy cars to put them up, and even make a magnetic strip for containers for your kitchen. It’s also a great way to store power tools (just make sure it’s not draining batteries). For more tips, check out this post by Apartment Therapy.

Need More Storage Help in Greenville, NC?

Of course, there are so many more ways to organize a home. If you want to make more space for that, we have a variety of solutions. From needing to store a closet’s worth, to a whole home’s worth— there is a plan for every need and budget. To see what we offer, take a look at our Size Guide.

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