3 Reasons to Choose Stow and Go! | Mini-Storage | Greenville, NC

Stow and Go Mini Storage wants to help you with all your storage and moving needs as a mini-storage company in Greenville, NC. With a lot of mini-storage options out there, it can be hard to decide on what mini-storage facility is right for you in Greenville, NC. Here are 3 reasons you should choose Stow and Go for all of your mini-storage needs!

1. We Have Keypad Entry

Stow and Go’s facility is extremely safe and you can be sure that no strangers will be walking around our facility. Keypad entry means that only you and our other customers can easily access your storage unit when you need to and that no strangers will be around your stuff.

2. We Have 24/7 Surveillance

Safety is our most important priority. That’s why we have 24/7 surveillance of our facility. It’s hard to imagine a situation where things will go wrong, but luckily our cameras mean that justice will be served. Our 24/7 surveillance also acts as a theft deterrent, so you can be sure that your stuff is safe with us.

3. We Have RV and Boat Storage

We don’t just have storage for your boxes, we also have storage for your RV or Boat! You can be sure that your stuff will be safe with us during the cold winter months and that your RV and Boat will be safe and sound for vacation season! With our wide variety of services, you can be sure that we will meet all of your storage needs in Greenville, NC

Need More Help?

Of course, those are just a couple ways to get started. Once you get up and running, you’ll need to look at mini-storage in Greenville, NC to help you on your way. We’d love if you’d consider Stow and Go Storage to help you with storage. With two locations to serve your personal and commercial needs, we continually strive to build on customer satisfaction. Our team delivers on a higher level of service by providing secure and clean facilities, reasonable prices, and personal attention to each of our customers. If you want to get started, contact us today!

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