Storing Your Artificial Christmas Tree | Mini-storage Greenville, NC

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With the holidays over, many people are taking down their Christmas trees and putting them in storage until next year. If you’d like to keep your tree up a little longer, there is an emerging trend where people decorate their tree for Valentine’s Day to give them a little more time with their festive decorations. However, if you’re ready to free up space in your home and take down the decorations, we have a few storage tips for you for your artificial tree.

The first thing you want to do is to take all of the ornaments and lights off of your tree. Be sure to wrap any fragile ornaments before you pack them away. 

If you plan to put your tree into a box, whether it’s the original box it came in or a storage box you’ve purchased, dissemble the tree. Fold in the branches before you place them in their box to both save storage space and keep the branches from getting damaged. If you plan to use a storage bag for your tree, you probably won’t need to take any of the tree apart. Whichever storage option you use, be sure to protect your tree from dust, mold, etc. by storing it in something. Don’t ever just leave your tree out uncovered while in storage.

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