It is a universally acknowledged truth among storage businesses that there are some items you cannot store in a storage unit. In recent news, for instance, a 57-year-old man was arrested for storing more than 300 illegal firearms in his California storage unit. Having given his consent for police to search his space, Steven Durant was discovered to be a convicted weapons dealer. In case you are wondering, your mini storage Greenville, NC professionals do not want you storing illegal firearms in their unit. Here are 5 mistakes you would be making if you store these items in your Stow-N-Go mini-storage.

Avoid These in Your Mini storage Greenville, NC

  1. Perishables, like pet food or 50-pound bags of sugar or flour should not be stored in a storage unit. On the off chance that you are not paying attention and a rodent or ants get inside them, you are pretty much out of luck. Soon enough your storage unit is home to a nest of insects and other infestations that are not Not to mention, perishable foods become moldy, which is a health risk.
  2. Living or Departed Animals, like humans, bears, dogs, cats, snakes should also not be kept in your storage unit. First, it is cruelty. Second, it is illegal. Departed animals can attract infestations and cause disease. Simply do not do it.
  3. Stolen Property, is also not OK. If it does not belong to you and it has been reported missing, you might be in serious trouble by the time police find you.
  4. Combustibles, like paint or gasoline pose a threat to people and their property when you store in them in your unit. They are not allowed in your mini storage Greenville, NC storage unit.
  5. Drugs do not belong in your storage unit, or on you for that matter. Both are illegal.

Some, of course, seem more obvious than others. Yet there are individuals in the world who may be curious to try them anyway. Avoid these mistakes altogether with Stow N Go!