Whether you get Mini-storage for your Greenville, NC home or not, there’s no opposing that moving is stressful. How did you even accumulate this much stuff? Even when you get past throwing away almost half of what you own, there’s still the struggle of having to pack it.

Don’t panic. There are several ideas that we’ve learned at Stow and Go Storage for an easy and smart move. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Remember to Pack an Overnight Bag

It may be tempting to put everything in boxes or in mini-storage, but make sure you have an overnight bag with the essentials. After completing the move, you may tell yourself that you’ll get started right away and have what you need right away, but honestly you’re probably going to be too tired.

Pack a bag with toiletries, a change of clothes, and any other essentials, so once you’re moved in, you can relax. Then, the next day, you can organize everything.

2. Wrap Any Breakables With Clothing

You don’t need to waste your time using newspaper or go out of your way to find bubble wrap— pack with the things you need to pack anyway. T-shirts and linens are great for packing plates and socks work great for glassware. It prevents unnecessary mess and packs your stuff that much tighter.

3. Pack What You Need First in Clear Plastic Bins

Sure, what you labeled your cardboard boxes with should be fairly understandable, in theory. But really, there’s a lot of difference between your pre-move and post-move brain. By packing things you need, like stuff for your kitchen, in clear boxes, you can know exactly what’s inside and what to unpack first.

4. Keep Toiletries Safe

Moving is expensive enough, you shouldn’t have to replace all of your toiletries and cosmetics. Save some of your pressed and loose powder based supplies by placing cotton pads or balls in the applicator. For bottles of shampoo, you can use saran wrap around the lid so it doesn’t spill everywhere. For more on packing toiletries, here’s a great article via Byrdie.

5. Pack Closets with Trashbags

Whether for mini-storage or our own homes, we believe in packing smart. If you need to pack a closet, there’s no need to take down all the clothes and put it in separate boxes. All you need to do is push the hangers together in sizable chunks and wrap a trash bag around all the clothes. Then just tie the bag around the hangers and you have your own bulk garment bag(s). You use less boxes and it transfers to your new home very easily.

Need More Moving and Storage Help?

Of course, these are just a couple tips to get you started. One of the best ways to facilitate the move to your Greenville, NC home is setting up a mini-storage solution. We have a variety of sizes and plans to fit any project. Feel free to check out our space estimator to see what’s right for you and contact us at (252) 341-1487 for a quote.