After you’ve chosen the mini-storage solution you need and you complete the move into your Greenville,NC home, the next step is unpacking and organization. The most daunting part of that is, of course, the kitchen. It’s the hub of the home: from family dinners, creating meals, to just finding the perfect midnight snack—everything happens there. So, of course, it has to be organized. Luckily, from our experts here at Stow and Go Storage, here are some handy tips for getting your kitchen organized.

1. Use Your Walls

As you know from mini-storage, it’s not all about hiding away and compartmentalizing containers throughout your cabinets. It’s about utilizing every possible inch of space. One great way to do that is to utilize the real estate that’s all around you: your walls.

By creating hanging racks, you can display and have access to your most useful serving plates. To make one, check out this great tutorial from Oliver and Rust.

2. Clear off Sink Space

Get the dish soap, sponges, brushes and other cleaning paraphernalia out of the way. It’s just makes your sink cluttered and dirty. Grab some desk organizers, hanging or standing, to place beside your sink to give a permanent home for your cleaning supplies. That gives them a place to go and keeps your sink space nice and clean.

3. Fully Utilize Shelf Space

We know that using the top of a shelf is a great place for storage, but have you ever thought about the other side? There is so much surface area you’re not utilizing. One easy way to use all the surface area is by making hanging mason jar storage to store your spices and nuts. That way you can just screw it off and have what you need.

Moving Forward

Those are just some of the things to do when it comes to kitchen organization. If you’re thinking of making a move or as you organize the kitchen, you find you just need space— feel free to contact us at (252) 756-7252. We are sure to find a mini-storage solution for your Greenville home.