mini storage Greenville, NCYou have the most in 2016 with these mini storage Greenville, NC tips? Facing a new move? A big move? A 2016 upgrade? Whether it is a bigger office or a smaller apartment, our mini storage Greenville, NC location has you in mind. Keep reading for 6 tips we want you all to follow so that you can get the most out of the year and your self storage unit in Greenville, NC.

6 Tips for All Mini Storage Greenville, NC Unit Users

  1. Unless you are “box queen,” not like a physical boxer champion, but a person who keeps boxes “just because” or “just in case” – consider this. Store your belongings in clear cases. They are reusable, woo! You can right through them, woo! These make your search for your Winter clothes a lot easier when you visit your storage unit.
  2. Game enthusiasts, this next tip is for you! You can pack a ton of items in a space, like more than you know. Believe us, we have seen mini storage Greenville, NC units packed to the sky (not literally, of course). People would if they could, we are sure. Get the most of YOUR space if you pack your unit like a puzzle. You guessed it. ALL pieces must fit.
  3. With Stow and Go, it is easy to take advantage of the discounts. 

Your property is secured by our cameras and fence. Only you get drive up access and keypad entry. Only you must remember to lock your storage room door. You can store you vehicles or your clothes, or both (just not humans, pets, or any kind of perishable food). And, you can manage your account online!

Follow These 3 Tips for 2016 Now.