Stow and Go Mini Storage wants to help you with all your storage and moving needs as a mini-storage company in Greenville, NC. Packing up valuable items can be extremely intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 3 ways to pack antiques so that they stay safe and don’t break!

1. Give Your Antiques Room to Breathe

The most important rule of packing valuables is to make sure you don’t overpack your valuables! When you’re running out of boxes it can be tempting to pack just one or two extra things in the box, but you shouldn’t! Your delicate items need room for cushioning, so just be prepared for that.

2. Store Blankets and Antiques at the Same Time!

The best part of packing valuables is that you can pack two things at once. Use blankets and pillows to provide the extra cushioning you need to transport your valuables. This way your items will be safe, and you’ll be able to pack two things at the same time!

3. Use Newspaper or Packing Paper on EVERY Item!

Packing paper is just something you’ll have to bite the bullet and invest in. You need it to wrap up all your delicate items so that they have proper cushioning. One hack you could do is just use simple newspaper so that you can save a couple of bucks on packing paper! Just make sure that you have enough to wrap each item!

Need More Help?

Of course, those are just a couple ways to get started. Once you get up and running, you’ll need to look at mini-storage in Greenville, NC to help you on your way. We’d love if you’d consider Stow and Go Storage to help you with storage. With two locations to serve your personal and commercial needs, we continually strive to build on customer satisfaction. Our team delivers on a higher level of service by providing secure and clean facilities, reasonable prices, and personal attention to each of our customers. If you want to get started, contact us today!