We cannot have mini storage units in Greenville, NC without mentioning East Carolina University’s pirates. College students around the globe are individuals who are always coming and going. It means a lot to the people who help them get to and from their destinations, people like their parents and guardians and friends and acquaintances. So, when we an ECU Pirate wanders into our mini storage Greenville, Nc facilities, we take care to appreciate them, too.

In their October 2015 Magazine Issue, the Self Storage Association (SSA) notes the importance of storage units for college students like the ECU Pirates. Between semesters, for example, do you really want to lug all of your belongings  home only to move them back a few months later? With Stow N Go, you can store the clothes, furnishings, and other dorm life accessories in a mini storage Greenville, NC location. Sure, you have to come back for it when it is time, but it beats driving your bean bag chairs and coffee machine across the state back to your room. You can save time and money with Stow N Go. Stow what you need to and keep going.

Happy group of students sitting at the park talkingAdvantages of a Mini Storage Greenville, NC Unit for Students

When students choose to make us their mini storage Greenville, NC go-to, they receive the same advantages as other customers.

  • Protection Services
  • Big and Small Space
  • Rewards and Low Price Guarantee
  • Convenient Location
  • Climate Control
  • Clean Facilities

As we look ahead, we hope to help ECU students move in and out of their dorms. If it means stowing their books sand supplies for Winter Break, we will be there. If it means stowing these items until they know their next step, we will be there. We will help them move from campus to their offices. We help them Stow N Go anyway we know how.

Pirates, Get Your Mini Storage Greenville, NC Unit for Fall Break Today!