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With cold weather quickly approaching, it is important to know which items you should not store in a non-climate controlled unit in order to protect your possessions. The cold air can do just as much damage to your stored items as the extreme heat of the summer.

Here’s a list of some items that you should not store in a non-climate controlled storage unit:

  • Appliances and electronics can be damaged by extreme cold and could not work anymore. So, be sure to keep them stored in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Any items containing liquid should not be stored in the extreme cold, because the liquid will freeze. For example, containers holding gas, snow globes, your wine collection, and batteries are some items that should not be stored in the cold.
  • Wooden furniture is sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. Switching from cold to hot can cause the furniture to shrink and expand, creating cracks and damage to your furniture.
  • If you are storing your boats, cars, or RVs with us during the fall and winter, be sure to clear the water lines, gas tanks, and remove any items containing liquid.

If you have some of the items listed above that you would like to store, we suggest that you select one of our climate-controlled units to ensure the safety of your items.
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