Our mini-storage Greenville, NC professionals at Stow and Go Storage understand that moving is hard. Add on the July heat of 2016 and a team of movers that seem to have no idea what they are doing, and you might just fall from the burden – or from transporting too many boxes! These are genuine motives why Stow and Go Storage aims to help you stow and go as quickly as possible. Once you have packed everything up and signed up to store your belongings safely with us, we take it from there – making sure your stuff is sealed, locked, and ready for its next delivery each time you need something. These services include a gated property, cameras, and keypad access to help you get in where you need to every time. Of course, packing every single item in your household or every office supply can be a daunting task, even when you are moving it into one of our Washington, NC or mini-storage Greenville, NC units. Want to get more bang for your buck? There are new and improved ways for making packing for a move much easier. Let our fun, friendly, and fast mini-storage Greenville, NC team inform you how!

  • Estimate How Many Boxes You are Going to Need, because having to run to the nearest store for moving supplies when you are ready at your storage unit
  • Put Those Random Items to Proper Use. Use your socks and stuffed animals for mugs ­and bowls. Use your linens to wrap mirrors and frames. Use your clothes to wrap dishes.
  • Distribute Box Weight Appropriately, meaning put in your paper, then heavy items, then small items.

Not only are these methods creative, but they are also a great way to take some pressure off your packing. Done? Let Our Mini-storage Greenville, NC Pros Down at Stow and Go Storage take it from there.


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