Beyond getting moving companies and the mini-storage you need in Greenville, NC, you need to make sure you get the home you’re moving out of is clean, that goes especially if you want to get your security deposit back. To assist you with that, here’s a checklist to help make sure it’s is super clean.

Make Repairs As Needed

Make sure that discolorations are covered and holes in the wall are filled. That means you need to make sure your walls are pristine.

  • Remove Nails and Repair Holes

Dust Everything

Grab your duster and get rid of all the dust that has accumulated. Your home will look so much better after.

  • Dust Ceiling Fans
  • Dust Walls and Ceilings
  • Dust Light Fixtures

Make Your Kitchen and Bath Perfect

Your kitchen and bath is a hotbed of germs. You need to make sure it’s super clean in order to get that deposit back. Here are some things you need to make sure are attended to.

  • Clean Bathroom Mirrors, Countertops, Showers, and Toilets
  • Clean the Cabinets Inside and Out
  • Clean Hard Surface Floors
  • Clean Kitchen Countertops and Sink
  • Clean Kitchen Appliances

 Get Surfaces Wiped

Just like dusting makes a difference, just wiping down these things will make your old home look like you just moved in.

  • Clean Windows and Sills
  • Clean Doors and Knobs
  • Clean Switchplates and Outlets
  • Clean Baseboards

Do The Finishing Touches

Finally, just do the last things to make your home look absolutely clean. After you do these things, it’s like you never lived there in the first place.

  • Vacuum and Clean Carpets
  • Wash All Linens
  • Freshen Home with Room Spray

Need More Help?

If you’re making that move and are looking into mini-storage, you definitely need more help that what’s necessary to clean your home. Enlist the help of a mini-storage in Greenville, NC that can help you with a stress free storage process. Stow and Go Storage is a local family owned storage business in Eastern North Carolina. With two locations to serve your personal and commercial needs, we continually strive to build on customer satisfaction. Our team delivers on a higher level of service by providing secure and clean facilities, reasonable prices, and personal attention to each of our customers. To get started, give us a call at(252) 341-1487 and we’ll see how we can help.