Moving from one location to another can be both crazy and cool all at the same time. In all that you do for your Spring 2016 storage and move, do it with our mini-storage Greenville, NC team of experts at Stow and Go Storage. Providing you tips and advice, products and services on staying organized with your move, making checklists, and planning, we can help make the whole process of storing your residential or commercial belongings a lot easier. Here are 15 tips to help you get started.

For help with any part of your storage experience, contact your 27858 mini-storage Greenville, NC team at Stow and Go Storage.

  1. Cut triangles in the sides of all of your boxes to make carrying them to your storage unit easier
  2. Pack stuffed animals, pillows, sheets, etc. in trash bags and use for padding throughout your storage unit
  3. Put masking tape in a X shape on your mirror to reduce shock if it falls while it is stored in your unit
  4. Take a photo of your cords on your TV or computer for easy set-up when you are ready to remove them again
  5. Use rolling luggage for your heavier items so that you can roll in and roll out pretty easily
  6. Put your hanging clothes in trash bags for more storage space
  7. Use paper bags instead of newspaper to pack your glassware
  8. Wrap both sides of your mattress in sheets to limit dirt and debris during storing
  9. Take advantage of storage bins for your decorations and clothes
  10. Utilize everything you own to make storing items better

For more mini-storage assistance and actual mini-storage Greenville, NC, let us know when you have everything packed and we will be right there to help with your commercial or corporate or residential storage space.

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