You know those people who pack for a month long trip to France in single suitcase. Or those who manage to turn their walk-in closet into the perfect storage unit. There are even those whose kitchens actually have everything they need stored in the perfect spaces, or those who pack everything just right for moving day. Well, you are about to be one of them.

We are sharing packing tips for those of you who want to prepare for your mini-storage like the gods and goddesses of space optimization. If you want to Stow N Go like the people described above would, check out these packing preparations. After all, not everyone has it in them to pack in an organized manner. Most just want to get the packing and storing over with.

These Mini Storage Greenville, Nc Tips Can Help:

  • Use Your Clothes as Bubble Wrap
  • Pack Your Plates Vertical, like Records
  • Use Bins, Baskets, Suitcases as Boxes
  • Use Duct Tape to Color Code
  • Use Trash Bags for Your Hanging Clothes
  • Pack Day-to-Day Items in Clear Containers

It is this simple to get the most out of your mini-storage. No matter what size unit you decide on, know that you can optimize your packing and your storing and get going in no time. The mini storage Greenville, NC location Stow-N-Go has for you in Greenville, NC and Winterville, NC is where you will find everything you need in a storage unit. We have 24/7 video surveillance, fenced facilities, keypad entry, drive-up access, well-lit areas, and vehicle storage. We also have a professional and courteous team of employees who respect their customers and value their satisfaction. With these packing tips, you will be ready to Stow N Go in no time! Have you already packed? Get Stowing and Going Right Now!