As the weather warms up and we gratefully shed our winter clothing for the lighter liberation of spring, we’re left with a pile of clothing doomed to be in our way for the coming months. Why not find a mini-storage Greenville NC solution at Stow N Go? With the right storage option and some advanced planning, you can forget about all of those heavy clothes and enjoy the season.


Storing your clothes properly is good for them and you — good storage strategies can prolong the life of your clothes and reduce allergens and keep you looking fresh winter after winter.


  • The first step is, of course, check your pockets and wash your clothes. Do not use starch or fabric softener when washing clothes for storage.

  • Any stains will only get worse during storage, so take the time to remove them.

  • Have coats and other such items dry-cleaned.

  • Make sure all items are fully dry before storing them.

  • Clothes that are typically hung should be stored that way, and take the time to choose the right kind of hangar – light garments can be stored using plastic tubular hangars, but heavy garments will be stressed without a more supportive hangar. Especially avoid wire hangars for long term storage.

  • Folded and flat-stored items should be folded along construction lines when possible. Sweaters and heavy knitwear should be stored this way to avoid stretching the knit. To avoid creasing, consider putting white tissue paper in the folds. Avoid stacking if you can, but if you do need to stack items, do so with the heaviest items on the bottom and lightest on the top.

  • Do not store clothes in plastic bags – cloth garment bags and tissue paper will not damage clothing or cause strange odors. Plastic containers will also do.

  • For a pleasant effect, clothing can be stored with sachets or scented substances, but take care not to let them be in direct contact with your clothes, as their oils can stain.

A professional, climate controlled mini-storage Greenville NC environment will greatly assist you in proper storage of your winter clothes.