Packing and unpacking. Loading and unloading. These are some of the most challenging parts of moving from one place to another. At least, when you are moving from Greenville, NC, to say, Winterville, NC, you can trust that your belongings are safe. With the fun sized mini storage Greenville, NC at Stow N Go, you are looking at a walk-in closet style space. It has all the features of our other sizes, but it is a lot smaller. Those features include: video surveillance, fenced entry, keypad entry, and drive-up access. Maybe you want a place to store your seasonal clothes when they are not in style. Maybe you want to store your seasonal decorations. Whatever your self-storage needs may be, you can get a fun size mini-storage with Stow N Go.

Why the Fun Size Mini Storage Greenville, NC Option?

One of the biggest advantages of these spaces is how they require you to think twice. It is almost like having to move into a very small apartment. You think of new ways to arrange and store your belongings and furniture. With your mini storage Greenville, NC options, you might have to take the same precautions.

Enjoy these general tips for small spaces, whether they are in your storage or your home:

  • Use air tight storage bags for clothes, non-perishables, and other materials
  • Use storage bins (with labels) to store similar or related objects
  • Use shelves to your advantage
  • Fold your clothes into tube shapes to acquire more storage space
  • Bags, suitcases, bins are your storage friends—use them

Simply because you have a small storage does not mean you cannot have fun with it. You might be amazed at how strategic and awesome you can be when you do. Of course, if you need extra space, you can choose a bigger storage room. We have rooms large enough to hold RVs! Or, if you already have a bigger room and need a little more wiggle room, consider having your adding a fun size mini-storage.

Have fun with your fun size mini storage Greenville, NC with Stow N Go today!