This just in: you can store almost anything you want in a Stow and Go Storage Unit! From a boxes of old photos to your car or RV, you can use our storage spaces to your full advantage! Items you can put in your mini storage Greenville, NC  unit include, but are not limited to: electronics, appliances, fragile objects, sofas or other large furniture, metal, and sharp objects. With storage room locations in Greenville, NC and Winterville, NC, we are your local storage professionals. We know exactly what you might want to store and how to do it. Browse our packing tips for even more advice on handling the above-listed items. Also, know exactly what you want in storage and how to store it by using our Space Estimator and our Size Guide. What is the difference?

See the breakdown below. 

Space Estimator: If you have a super precise idea of what you own, the space estimator lets you choose 1) how many of an item you own and then it 2) suggests what size space you will want to use. It is ideal for moving families who live in smaller spaces or who want a storage room that is “just right.”

Size Guide: In our industry, one size does not fit all. If you have an idea of how many rooms you have packed up, but you are not sure how they will fit in storage, use the size guide. It allows you to rotate a 3-D room to give you a better idea of where you are headed.

Of course the only way to put anything in storage is to know how it is all going to fit. Luckily, our storage room sizes range from small to gigantic! Where there is a will, after all, there is a way.

Not sure if that particular item is OK to store? Stay tuned for our next blog on what and what not to store in your Stow and Go Storage Unit.

Get packing today with Stow and Go Storage!