Are you getting ready to move? It’s a great idea to also think about clean up after you get everything packed up. Stow and Go Storage is a local family owned mini-storage business in Greenville and other locations in Eastern North Carolina. We know that just the act of moving can be very overwhelming, and it can be hard to think of exactly what you need to do. We want to make this stressful time as easy as possible, so here’s a quick a list of things that you may have forgotten to clean.

1. Spackle Over Any Holes in the Wall

It can be easy to forget about these, especially when you’re trying to move out in a hurry. Try to remember to take these out though for the new person moving in. If you live in an apartment, they may also charge you an additional fee! This can be fast and easy, so don’t spend more money then you have to. Fill them in!

2. Dust, Dust, Dust

Ceiling fans, baseboards, windows, base boards, light fixtures, window sills,  walls, and even ceilings can accumulate a lot of dander and dust. Make sure that you dust off these areas and wipe them down with a light cleaner. This will freshen up any home and make them fresh and clean.

Make sure that you hit the cabinets as well! The cabinets and closets are most likely to accumulate dust and crud more than any place in your home. People typically rarely clean them, or they don’t clean them until it’s time to move out. Take the initiative and clean out this space so that it’s fresh for the new residents.

3. Start with Fresh Linens

The last thing you wanna do after you move in all your stuff in your new place is to clean more. Go ahead and take out ALL your linens and run them through the washer. You will thank yourself later.

4. Clean and Vacuum Carpets!

Get out some baking soda and lightly dust over each room with carpet. Let this sit for about 30 minutes, then you should be able to vacuum! This old wives trick will get rid of any remaining odor that is held on to by the carpet. If you have any heavy duty stains, it may be a good idea to rent a carpet cleaner from the grocery store and using that before.

5. Use Air Spray!

Air spray can improve and freshen your home in one sweep. Go into all the rooms and spray a heavy dosage of air spray in each one. This will leave a nice scent for the new residents!

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Stow and Go Storage is a local family owned mini-storage business in Greenville and other Eastern North Carolina areas. With two locations to serve your personal and commercial needs, we continually strive to build on customer satisfaction. Our team delivers on a higher level of service by providing secure and clean facilities, reasonable prices, and personal attention to each of our customers.