We all know that moving can be stressful, especially when you do not have the right plan or space to make the move happen. Here you thought you could pack everything up last minute, and as it turns out your new space has so few closest that it is not fair. Well, with mini-storage Greenville, NC service from Stow and Go Storage, you can get the storage space you need. Clothes, pictures, decorations, and even your vehicles can be stored in our mini, small, or RV sized units. It is one way to know you are getting the space you need, for the price you want, for the safety of all your belongings. You remain in charge so you can get packed, moved, and unpacked with ease.

To Reduce Stress Motivated by Moving Day, Our Mini-Storage Greenville, NC Team Suggests the Following:

  • Delegate Moving Tasks: divide your tasks on moving day between who will go to the new place and pack up the old one, and who will move unnecessary or unwanted items into your mini-storage.
  • Value Your Valuables: your valuables are valued with Stow and Go, because we lock them down, and only you have the key. 24 hour surveillance, access when you need it most, and a gated community keep burglars off our territory.
  • Treat Yourself Afterwards: whatever it is that makes you feel like you accomplished something, treat yourself to it after you are done moving and storing everything on moving day.


Reduce Moving Stress with Stow and Go Storage.