Falling in love is a dangerous act, so is storing the wrong kind of supplies in your mini-storage Greenville, Nc unit. At Stow N Go, we work to secure everyone’s Greenville, NC or Winterville, NC belongings by encouraging everyone to obey our storage safety tips. In general, you want to avoid storing materials that can harm yourself or others, or materials that can include weapons or paint, or perishable food items like fruit or pet food supplies. The consequences include jail time or even losing your unit.

Of course, our 24/7 surveillance may not catch everything you put in storage. So, we want you to do your part. In regard to it being Valentine’s Day, let us discuss some of the dangerous items that a person might want to store in their mini-storage Greenville, NC.

After all, our mini-storage Greenville, NC and Winterville, NC team wants you to get the most out of your Stow and Go Storage experience.

>>——–> If you have a love of illegal drugs, do not store them in your storage. 1) They are illegal for a reason 2) You don’t want that kind of attention, and nor do we.

>>——–> If you have a love of food, make sure the food that will not melt, rot, mold, or cause any other bacteria is not stored at Stow N Go. 

>>——–> If you have a lover of weapons, make sure you consider the safety of everyone around you and store your weapons – be it guns, knives, poison, or some other weapon – outside of your mini-storage Greenville, NC unit. 

As we all know, falling in love is dangerous and our love of certain things (and people) can make us crazy. Think twice before taking the risk in all that you love.

Store your goods and vehicles and belongings safely with Stow N Go.