At Stow and Go Storage, we are all about providing you with quality mini-storage options and unbeatable customer service. That’s why we offer two state-of-the-art storage facilities in the Greenville, NC area. With two locations and a variety of unit sizes to choose from, you are sure to find mini-storage that meets your specific needs.

If you have children, you know that the holidays can bring a lot of new toys, and while these bring your kids joy, they can bring you a lot of stress. No matter how many toys you put away or how many times you clean, sometimes it just seems that there are toys everywhere you look. Whether you’re kicking them to the side or tripping over them at night, they can be a real pain.

This holiday season, we invite you to store those old toys in order to make room for the new. Collect toys that your children no longer play with, and ask them to pick out some to donate. You can take these to a local non-profit organization. This can help to teach your kids a great lesson about charity and helping the community.

If there are toys that you’d like to keep to pass down as heirlooms one day, then you can box those up and bring them over to Stow and Go Storage. Make sure that you remove all batteries before storing these items. If you have fragile or antique items, then we suggest that you invest in a climate-controlled unit.

If there are toys that you think your kids would still like to play with, but they’re just taking up too much room, you can temporarily store them. Then, you can rotate the stored toys out with another set of toys. That way, the kids will get to keep enjoying their toys without taking up too much space in your home.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hide this year’s toys from those peeking little eyes, then bring your toys to your storage unit until it’s time to put them out for Christmas.

For all of your storage needs, including toy storage, come by to see us at Stow and Go Storage in Greenville, NC.