At Stow and Go Storage, we are all about providing you with quality mini-storage options and unbeatable customer service. That’s why we offer two state-of-the-art storage facilities in the Greenville, NC area. With two locations and a variety of unit sizes to choose from, you are sure to find mini-storage that meets your specific needs.

Mini-storage is a great way to store your extra clothes and free up space in your home. Whether you want to keep your closet organized by switching out seasonal clothing, or you have baby clothes that you’re saving for your future grandchildren, there are a number of reasons why you might want to store clothes. When you do, you’ll want to take a few simple steps to make sure that your clothes stay in tip-top condition. Here are some clothing storage tips:

  • It’s important to clean your clothes before you store them. If you store stained clothes, it could not only ruin them, but possibly also the other clothes stored with them.
  • When storing clothes in a mini-storage unit, it’s best to use plastic storage containers as they protect your clothes from moisture and unwanted visitors. Clear plastic containers can make it easier to see what’s inside.
  • Be sure to store similar clothes together and to label them clearly to make them easier to access when needed.
  • Add a moisture absorbing product into each container of clothing.
  • If clothes are going to be in storage for more than a season, it’s a good idea to unpack and refold them from time to time to prevent deep creases from forming in the clothes.

For all of your storage needs, including clothing storage, come to see us at Stow and Go storage in Greenville, NC.