At Stow N Go Storage, we protect everything you stow with us with 247/7 surveillance, keypad entry, and fenced locations. Still, if you want to go the extra mile to protect your belongings, there are extra steps you will want to take. After all it is better to be safe than sorry.

No worries about size either. We have units that can fit cars or clothes. If your residential or commercial property needs the extra space, we can help you find it. The grand piano you learned your first lessons on? We can stow it. The floor-to-ceiling mirror your grandparents gave you? We can stow it. If you are worried about how to store these valuables, Stow N Go would like to bring you these  mini storage Greenville, NC form Moving.Com. First, you want to:

  1. Create Your Storage Inventory.You know what belongs to you, but when your stuff goes in storage for an extended period of time, you may forget about some items. With a storage inventory, you will know exactly what valuables are where and what are not.
  2. Store Large Items First. Store couches or mattresses towards the back of your storage room and the valuable items you might need to check on more frequently up front.
  3. Store Small Valuables with You. If you are worried they will go missing at any point between moving and packing and the storage unit, you can worry less knowing they are safe in the back of your vehicle.

Any combination of these storage measures for your valuables will ensure your valuables are safe. Because storage units tempt any mastermind, however, Stow N Go has mini-storage Greenville, NC aspects to turn them away. In addition to 24/7 surveillance, we have fenced facilities, keypad entry, and drive up access. If you need a mini-storage Greenville, NC that values you as much as you value your most prized possessions, get Stow N Go Today.